MAD interview on Raiplay during the show "L'italia con voi" 
Master D'Angelo teIls his impressions about one day at the Italian National Television - RAI:

"My story on Raiplay - L'italia con voi

With great pleasure, I was invited to the broadcast "Italia con Voi" to tell my story. It 's nice to see in the video many of my students who have been with me for a lifetime. We have traveled a long journey together, and after many years the seeds we have planted are sprouting. An exciting experience that allowed me to talk about the things I love and share the oriental beauty that I collected. 

Many times I reflect on my father and wonder, what he would have thought of my life choices and my dedication to martial arts. Today for the first time I saw myself as a spectator, and I see a man genuinely happy when telling his story that has not been easy.

Probably my father would have been glad.


Thanks to the editorial staff of Raiplay that takes care of the broadcast, with whom I spent some lovely moments together off the stage. High professionalism, accompanied by sincere smiles."

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