On the morning of August 27, 2018, Beijing Changping Sports Association and Beijing Sanyou Hengrui Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Xinzhuang Zhao Baozhu Martial Arts School Mr. Zhao Baozhu and the Vice President of the Italian Traditional Martial Arts Association, DECODE Organization Founder Mr. Mauro Antonino D'Angelo officialized their cooperation through the agreement “Chinese Martial Arts into Europe-DECODE PROJECT” on the Great Wall in Beijing.

The project has been strongly supported by the Italian Embassy in China, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Sports Bureau of Beijing Changping District, Beijing Wushu Association, etc.

Mr. Emanuele de Maigret, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Italian Embassy,Ms. Alessandra Vismara, Board Director of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce,Mr. Zhang Baoli, Secretary General of the Beijing Changping Sports Association, and others expressed their confidence on the future prospect of Chinese martial arts entering Europe.

Mr. Mauro Antonino D’Angelo, founder of DECODE, told us that the project was founded with the aim of helping Chinese traditional culture and Chinese martial arts spread and develop worldwide.

From the DECODE official website, we can see the interview videos of the older generation of Chinese martial artists, the traditional martial arts courses carried out in Europe and Chinese culture and folklore knowledge.

Through the cooperation with Zhao Bao Zhu Martial Arts School, the next step will be to let more people around the world learn Chinese martial arts and traditional culture through new media.

Meanwhile, they will also arrange cultural tour, DECODE cultural publications, and martial arts competitions to further spread out the traditional Martial Arts.

In the afternoon, the two parties held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Zhaobaozhu Martial Arts School in Changping District.

Hereupon was formally established the Beijing Exchange Center of the Italian Traditional Martial Arts Association, the World Traditional Martial Arts Association and the DECODE Organization.